Summer 2020 - Volume 24 Number 4

Original Research & Contributions

A Pharmacist-Led Program to Taper Opioid Use at Kaiser Permanente Northwest: Rationale, Design, and Evaluation
Jennifer L Kuntz, PhD; Jennifer L Schneider, MPH; Alison J Firemark, MA; John F Dickerson, PhD;
Dea Papajorgji-Taylor, MPH; Katherine R Reese, PharmD; Traci A Hamer, PharmD; Darlene Marsh, PharmD;
Lou Ann Thorsness, RPh; Mark D Sullivan, MD, PhD; Lynn L Debar, PhD; David H Smith, PhD, RPh

An Evaluation of the SCORE Program: A Novel Research and Mentoring Program for Medical Students in Obstetrics/Gynecology and Otolaryngology
Kellie Corcoran, MD, MPH; Miranda Ritterman Weintraub, PhD, MPH; Isabella Silvestre;
Reshma Varghese; Jonathan Liang, MD; Eve Zaritsky, MD

Sequential Changes Advancing from Exercise-Induced Psychological Improvements to Controlled Eating and Sustained Weight Loss: A Treatment-Focused Causal Chain Model
James J Annesi, PhD, FAAHB, FTOS, FAPA

On the Use of Sampling Weights for Retrospective Medical Record Reviews
Ernest Shen, PhD

Influence of Psychosocial Factors and Parafunctional Habits in Temporomandibular Disorders: A Cross-Sectional Study
Utkarsh Yadav, MDS; Junaid Ahmed, MDS; Ravikiran Ongole, MDS;
Nandita Shenoy, MDS; Nanditha Sujir, MDS; Srikant Natarajan, MDS

Utilization of Secure Messaging to Primary Care Departments
Jose Yakushi, MD; Mose Wintner, PhD; Naomi Yau; Lina Borgo, MPH; Edwin Solorzano, MD

Psychometric Properties of the Problem-Oriented Patient Experience—Primary Care (POPE-PC) Survey
Ali Rafik Shukor, M Biotech, MSc

Special Report

Breast Cancer: Lifestyle, the Human Gut Microbiota/Microbiome, and Survivorship
Balazs I Bodai, MD, FACS; Therese E Nakata, STAR Provider, CWFPBN

Clinical Practice

Variation in Colorectal Cancer Stage and Mortality across Large Community-Based Populations: PORTAL Colorectal Cancer Cohort
Jennifer L Schneider, MPH; Heather Spencer Feigelson, PhD, MPH; Virginia P Quinn, PhD; Carmit McMullen, PhD; Pamela A Pawloski, PharmD, BCOP, FCCP; John D Powers, MS; Andrew T Sterrett, PhD; David Arterburn, MD, MPH; Douglas A Corley, MD, PhD

Treatment of Intertrochanteric Femur Fractures with Long versus Short Cephalomedullary Nails
Cameron Sadeghi, MD; Heather A Prentice, PhD; Kanu M Okike, MD; Elizabeth W Paxton, PhD

My Introduction to Mission Surgery: A Diary
Andrew Wexler, MD, MA, FACS

Assessing Perception of Patients and Physicians Regarding Spirituality in Karachi, Pakistan: A Pilot Study
Hena Jawaid, MBBS, FCPS

Clinical Medicine

Endocrine Tumor Board: Ten Years’ Experience of a Multidisciplinary Clinical Working Conference
Alison Savitz, MD; Bryan Fong, MD; Aaron Hochberg, MD; Gregory Rumore, MD; Cui Chen, MD; Juanita Yun, MD; Craig Sadur, MD

Redressing Underrecognition of “Cold Drink Heart”: Patients Teaching Physicians about Atrial Fibrillation Triggered by Cold Drink and Food
David R Vinson, MD

Case Reports

Pertussis Infection in a Naturopathic Primary Care Setting: Reflection on a Case
Luciano Garofalo, ND; Joshua Corn, ND, MS; Meghan Sperandeo, ND

Hemolytic Anemia in a Glucose-6-Phosphate Dehydrogenase-Deficient Patient Receiving Hydroxychloroquine for COVID-19: A Case Report
Jorge Aguilar, MD, PhD; Yelena Averbukh, MD

Bilateral Quadriceps Tendon Repair with Suture Anchors: Case Series
Jason E Tucker II; Christopher R Jones, MD

Surgical Reconstruction of Cocaine-Induced Cleft Lip: A Case Report
David W Chou, MD; Charles Shih, MD

Image Diagnosis

Roth’s Spots, a clinical diagnostic clue for Infective Endocarditis
Navneet Arora MD; Deba Prasad Dhibar MD; Byanjana Bashyal MBBS; Aniruddha Agarwal MS

Image Diagnosis: Eccentric Target Sign of Focal Toxoplasma Encephalitis
Samman Verma, MBBS; Vidhi Singla, MD; Aditya Singh, MBBS; Arghadip Bose, MBBS; Ashok Kumar Pannu, MD

Image Diagnosis: Takotsubo Cardiomyopathy Mimicking an Acute ST Elevation Myocardial Infarction in the Setting of Anti-Depressant Therapy Withdrawal
Suha Na Javeed; Seema Pursnani, MD, MPH

Neodymium Magnetic Bead Ingestion in a Toddler
Kenneth J Hui; Vignesh A Arasu, MD; David R Vinson, MD; Dale M Cotton, MD


Addressing Vaccine Hesitancy
Ryan Bradley, ND, MPH; Charles Elder, MD, MPH

CARE for COVID-19: A Checklist for Documentation of Coronavirus Disease 2019 Case Reports and Case Series
Paul G Werthmann, MD; David Riley, MD; Gunver Sophia Kienle, MD

A Day in the Life during COVID-19: Long-term Care Providers in Durham, North Carolina
Nathan A Boucher, DrPH, PA, MS, MPA, CPHQ; Courtney H Van Houtven, PhD, MSPH

More Than Words: Reflections to Build Resilience during the COVID-19 Pandemic
David R Lee, MD, MBA; Karina Chavez, MD

Is the Psychiatric History Losing Its Relevance?
Richard J Moldawsky, MD

Furin Protease: From SARS CoV-2 to Anthrax, Diabetes, and Hypertension
Kara Fitzgerald, ND


The South Asian Paradox
Arthur L Klatsky, MD; H Nicole Tran, MD, PhD

Nursing Research and Practice

Collins Complex Wound Guide Template
Kelly Collins BSN, RN, CWOCN and Erika Yazdanbakhsh MSN, CNL, RN, CWON

Health Care Communication

Narrations In Psychiatry Training
Hena Jawaid, MBBS, FCPS (Psychiatry)

Narrative Medicine

The Rekindled Flame
Julio C Ramirez, MD

From Cultural Competency to Cultural Immersion: Lessons from A Community Advocate in Guatemala
Yolande M Pengetnze, MD and Zoila Gonzalez, RN, NP

Narrating the Cycle of Life
Tatiana Valverde da Conceição, MD, PhD; Gabriel Graça de Oliveira, MD, PhD

The Insomnia Plague in Fictional Macondo
Alejandro Velásquez-Torres, MD, MSc; Andrés Díaz-Forero; Claudia Talero-Gutiérrez, MD

Our Guest
Leonidas Nye Walthall, MD

Death by the Numbers
Wesley Chou

Stories and Poetry

Kacper Niburski


Yakushi J, Wintner M, Yau N, Borgo L, Solorzano E.
Utilization of secure messaging to primary care departments.
Perm J 2020;24:19.177. DOI:

In the above-listed article, an error was originally published in Figure 2 as the findings were interpreted incorrectly when submitted. In the 3 bar graphs, the women’s orange bar lines needed to extend fully to the bottom of the graph to represent the full amount of women utilization. It did not do so in the previous version and warranted a correction to accurately represent the findings.

The corrected Figure now appears in the article online:

We apologize for this error.


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