Spring 2006 - Volume 10 Number 1

Special Report

This issue of The Permanente Journal explores exciting new technologies, devices, tests, and drugs, and, at the same time, poses the questions rising from the many challenges these new
technologies create, and tries to answer the question: How do I keep up with such rapidly changing
medical advances?

Fantastic Voyage: Questions from the 21st Century

Advances in Imaging--The Changing Environment for the Imaging Specialist

Genetic Services in the KP Southern California Region: Delivering the Promises of Tomorrow Today

Kaiser Permanente Southern California Regional Technology Management Process: Evidence-Based Medicine Operationalized

Update on Interventional Neuroradiology

Implementation of a Teleradiology System to Improve After-Hours Radiology Services in Kaiser Permanente Southern California

Institute for Culturally Competent Care: Clinicians' Needs Assessment 2005
Gayle Hunt; Saleena Gupte, DrPH, MPH

This article describes the 2005 survey and the learnings gleaned from it.

A Successful Partnership to Help Reduce Health Disparities at Kaiser Permanente: The Institute for Culturally Competent Care and the Kaiser Permanente School of Anesthesia
Nilda Chong, MD, MPH, DrPH; Sassoon M Elisha, CRNA, MS, EdD; Maria Maglalang, RN, MN, NP; Karen Koh, MPH, DrPHi
This article describes the genesis evolution, and potential impact of an ongoing partnership between the KP school of Anesthesia and the California State University system in incorporating a formal cultural competence program.

Permanente In The News

KP News Roundup
Barbara Caruso
A compilation of news, significant awards, and accomplishments about Permanente clinicians and employees and the Permanente Medical Groups.

Clinical Medicine

Stereotactic Radiosurgery: Indications and Results -- Part 2
Joseph C T Chen, MD, PhD; Michael R Girvigian, MD
This second of two parts presents indications for this increasingly important option in the treatment of central nervous system disease and discusses results reported in the medical literature.

Predictive Value of the Rapid Whole Blood Agglutination D-Dimer Assay (AGEN SimpliRED) in Community Outpatients with Suspected Deep Venous Thrombosis
Julieta E Hayag, MD; Prem P Manchanda, MD
The efficacy of using d-dimer assay to diagnose suspected deep venous thrombosis is reviewed in this retrospective study that considered electronic medical record results of d-dimer assay and compression ultrasonography.

Snoring Versus Obstructive Sleep Apnea: A Case Report
Paul Bernstein, MD, FACS; JoAnne Higa Ebba, MD
This case report examines the diagnosis and treatment of obstructive sleep apnea.


Pay-for-Performance: At Last or Alas?
Michael J Pentecost, MD
This first in a series on health policy describes the pay-for-performance movement, its successes and downfalls.

Special Section - Spirit

Writing and Telling Our Clinical Stories to Improve the Art of Medicine

Restoring Our Humanity: Our Intention to Heal

Does Anyone Have a Case? The Balint Group Experience

Finding Meaning in Medicine

Things Happen in the Park

For Carl

Life Lesson


One of Our Stories

Doctoring My Doctor






Harpooning the Vein

The Wheezing Cherub, Her Earth Grandmama, and OUR LOSSES

The Young Father's Imperfect Gift of Life

Hypochondriacal Atopic Derm Adolescent

Poetic Moments


Letters to the Editor

From our Readers

Book Reviews

REBUILT: How Becoming Part Computer Made Me More Human

Last Chance in Texas: The Redemption of Criminal Youth

Soul of the Healer

Green Sea Turtle

The Monks


On the Cover

Joseph MacKenzie, PA


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