Spring 2005 - Volume 9 Number 2

Clinical Contributions

2005 Vohs Award Winner
Tobacco Dependence Program: A Multifaceted Systems Approach to Reducing Tobacco Use Among Kaiser Permanente Members in
Northern California

Ali Goldstein, MPH; Scott Gee, MD; Rachelle Mirkin, MPH
The 2005 Vohs Award winner from Northern California employed a multifaceted systems approach to address the single greatest preventive medical problem we face.

2005 Vohs Award Honorable Mention
The Kaiser Permanente Northwest Cardiovascular Risk Factor Management Program: A Model for All
Jodi S Joyce, BS, BSN, MBA; Martina M Fetter, RN; Dean H Klopfenstein, RPh, CDE; Michael K Nash, BS
This 2005 Vohs Honorable Mention is a centralized, multidisciplinary, proactive clinical management intervention using computer-stored data to identify eligible members with multiple interrelated cardiovascular risk traits.

2004 Lawrence New Project Award Winner
Perinatal Patient Safety Project
Julie Nunes, RN, MS, CPHRM; Sharon McFerran, RN, PhD, CPHQ
The 2004 Lawrence Patient Safety New Project Award-winning project, presented here, drew upon a multitude of theories, disciplines, and industries to create high-reliability perinatal units.

2004 Lawrence Transfer Award Winner
KP Northwest Preoperative Briefing Project
Maureen Ann Wright, MD
The 2004 Lawrence Patient Safety Transfer Award-winning project, presented here, was developed by the KPNW Patient Safety Team as a way to transform the patient safety culture in the KPNW's operating suites and to reduce the number of errors.

Pain Management Doesn't have to be a Pain: Working and Communicating Effectively with Patients who have Chronic Pain
Christine E Whitten, MD; Christine M Evans, PhD; Kristene Cristobal, MS
In direct "how-to" language and with attention to psychological and cultural aspects, this presentation describes the evaluation and management of a pervasive aspect of medical practice.

Corridor Consult
The Electronic Health Record "Toolbox"
Michael A Krall, MD
Using case examples, this article describes and gives brief instruction in the tools of the KP HealthConnect toolbox.

Health Systems

Managing High-Risk, High-Cost Patients: The Southern California Kaiser Permanente Experience in the Medicare ESRD
Demonstration Project
Peter Crooks, MD


Care, Whether it's Called Population- or Disease-Management, Sidney Garfield, MD, Would Like the Idea
Paul Wallace, MD

Special Feature: A Focus on Evidence-Based Medicine

In December 2004, The Permanente Journal and the Care Management Institute joined together to sponsor the Evidence-Based Medicine Symposium in Costa Mesa, California. The presenters were invited to contribute to this Journal symposium to diffuse their learnings.

The Permanente Journal Cosponsorship of the Evidence-Based Medicine Symposium, December 3 & 4, 2004
Tom Janisse, MD

Permanente Medicine in a Changing World: Challenges and Opportunities
Jed Weissberg, MD

The Care Management Institute: Making the Right Thing Easier to Do
Paul Wallace, MD

Acquiring Evidence--Tips for Effective Literature Searching
Sara Pimental, MLIS, AHIP

Balance Sheets: Tools to Inform Changes in Practice
Matt Handley, MD

From Evidence to Outcomes: Implementing Clinically Effective and Cost-Efficient Population-Based Interventions
R James Dudl, MD; Michelle Wong, MPH, MPP

Evidence-Based Medicine and Population-Based Care: Caring for Patients with Heart Failure
Anthony Steimle, MD, FACC

CPC Corner
Sharing Clinical Decisions by Discussing Evidence with Patients
David Price, MD, FAAFP

Integrating Evidence Into KP HealthConnect: Making the Right Thing Easier to Do
Grant Okawa, MD

Diffusing Innovation in Your Practice
Guy Chicoine

KP Evidence-Based Medicine in the Community
Winston FWong, MD

Evidence-Based Guidelines
Paul H Barrett, MD, MSPH; Grant Okawa, MD; Jill Bowman, BS

Book Reviews

Big Doctoring in America: Profiles in Primary Care
Fitzhugh Mullan, MD; Photographs by John Moses
Review by Linn Getz, MD

Affect Regulation and The Repair of the Self
Allan N Schore
Review by Milton Richlin, PhD

The Spirit Catches You and You Fall Down: A Hmong Child, Her American Doctors, and the Collision of Two Cultures
Anne Fadiman
Review by Carol A Redding, MA

Final Exit: The Practicalities of Self-Deliverance and Assisted Suicide for the Dying. 3rd edition
Derek Humphry
Review by Richard D Della Penna, MD

Women's Primary Health Care: Protocols for Practice. 2nd edition
Winifred L Star, Lisa L Lommel, and Maureen T Shannon, editors
Review by Allison Waczek, MSN, FNP

Soul of the Healer

Roman Windows
Tom Janisse, MD

Pencil Penny
Kevin D Murray, MD

Ira J Levy, MD, FACP, FCCP

Sedona Bronze Dancer
Letitia Fitzpatrick, MA

On the Cover

Beverly Brott, MD


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