Fall 2005 - Volume 9 Number 4

Original Research and Contributions

Facilitating Physician Access to Medical Reference Information
Philip Bellman, MPH; Carol Havens, MD; Ysabel Bertolucci, MLS; Beth Streeter, MPH
By reviewing data from recent surveys about KP physicians' approaches to seeking information, this article highlights the ongoing revolution brought about by electronic resources.

Review Article

Stereotactic Radiosurgery: Instrumentation and Theoretical Aspects--Part 1
Joseph C T Chen, MD, PhD; Michael R Girvigian, MD
This first of two parts gives an overview of the history of stereotactic radiosurgery, which has been refined to the point of revolutionizing many aspects of treating central nervous system disease, and reviews its technical basis as well as the radiobiologic principles.

Case Study

Corridor Consult
What To Do with Hypertension and a Murmur Found During a Preparticipation Physical Evaluation?
Angeline L Ong, MD; Daniel V Vigil, MD
A case study illustrates a practical approach to the cardiovascular evaluation of an athlete or potential athlete.

Clinical Medicine

Treating Chronic Pain: New Knowledge, More Choices
Christine E Whitten, MD; Marilee Donovan, RN, PhD; Kristene Cristobal, MS
This third in a continuing series on pain management offers practical treatment advice based on the newest science.


The Coordinated Clinical Studies Network: A Multidisciplinary Alliance to Facilitate Research and Improve Care
Sarah M Greene, MPH; Eric B Larson, MD, MPH; Denise M Boudreau, PhD; Karin E Johnson, PhD; James Ralston, MD, MPH; Robert Reid, MD, PhD; Paul Fishman, PhD
The NIH Roadmap is designed to accelerate progress on pressing scientific questions and facilitate moving research findings into everyday practice. An outgrowth of the Roadmap is the HMO Research Network and, thus, the Coordinated Clinical Studies Network. This is a short overview of the goals, processes, and implementations of the CCSN.

Narrative Medicine

Post-Tsunami Malaria in Indonesia--The Pivotal Contributions of Permanente Physicians
David Witt, MD
This article presents the MENTOR initiative: a program designed to support malaria treatment and prevention. Nine KP clinicians served as the medical team for this significant and essential program.

Permanente and the Tsunami Relief Efforts--One Year Later--The Volunteers' Stories: A Journal
Sarah Beekley, MD, Editor
This collection shares the stories and experiences of some Northern California volunteers in the 2004 tsunami disaster area. These stories express the true spirit of Permanente Medicine.

Health Systems

Shifting From Traditional to Biopsychosocial Pediatrics
Howard S King, MD, MPH
A pediatrician shares his insights into developing a better relationship with patients' parents and therefore patients and thus creating a better experience for all.

Owning Our Own Health--Modeling Healthy Living
Barbara Caruso; Michael Mustille, MD; Violeta Rabrenovich, MHA
This overview of Employee Wellness Resources around the country expresses the importance of supporting the health of the KP community.

The Ideal: Innovation and Transfer
Arthur K Huberman, MD

The Care Management Institute: Harvesting Innovation, Maximizing Transfer
Helen S Pettay; Beth Branthaver, MS, MHA; Kristene Cristobal, MS; Michelle Wong, MPH, MPP

Innovation in the Kaiser Permanente Colorado Region: Where We've Been, Where We Are Going
Bill Marsh, MD; David Price, MD

Fail Often to Succeed Sooner: Adventures in Innovation
Christi Dining Zuber, RN, MHA; Victor Alterescu, RN, MBA, MPH; Marilyn P Chow, RN

Practical Steps for Practice Transfer: The Four A's of Adoption
Hannah King, MPH; Karen Tallman, PhD; Arthur K Huberman, MD

Stealing Shamelessly: Practice Transfer Success Factors
Karen Tallman, PhD; Hannah King, MPH; Arthur K Huberman, MD

How to Find a Sponsor for Your Practice Innovation
Robert H Sachs, PhD

Roundtable Discussion: Transfer of Successful Practices
Arthur K Huberman, MD; Hannah King, MPH; Jill Steinbruegge, MD

Special Feature: A Focus on Innovation and Transfer

In an ideal situation, innovations would diffuse and transfer seamlessly throughout the program. Even though transfer is encouraged, its frequency is low. This special section introduces key concepts in diffusion, drawing upon the insights and experiences of KP physicians, nurses, and employees involved in various regional efforts to innovate and transfer successful practices.

Letters to the Editor

From our Readers

Book Reviews

Frequently Overlooked Diagnoses
Mark A Marinella, MD
Review by Vincent J Felitti, MD

BrainWork: The Neuroscience Newsletter
The Dana Foundation
Review by Vincent J Felitti, MD

Soul of the Healer

The Old Farmhouse Looked Older
Barbara Poole, RN

Pelican on the Pier
Christopher Pivik, MD

Happy Hour
Barbara Poole, RN

J Richard Gaskill, MD

On the Cover

Tea in the Garden


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