Winter 2004 - Volume 8 Number 1

Clinical Contributions

Human Embryonic Stem Cells and Type I Diabetes: How Far to the Clinic?
Gillian M Beattie, BSc; Alberto Hayek, MD
One possible method of future treatment for diabetes is explored in this article, which also contextualizes the political and research arenas.
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Vision Screening for Alzheimer's Disease: Prevention from an Ophthalmologist's Perspective (There is More to Vision than Meets the Eye)
Peter N Rosen, MD
Recent evidence suggests that memory impairment and vision impairment are closely linked in Alzheimer's disease. This article explores the connection and possible implications.
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Hungry for Love: The Feeding Relationship in the Psychological Development of Young Children
Charles W Slaughter, MPH, RD; Alika Hope (Bryant) Despotopoulos, MA
By incorporating basic knowledge of child development into the feeding interactions used by parents, health care practitioners can have an even greater impact on the health of children and parents. This article explores the hows and whys of these relationships and interactions.
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Childhood Abuse, Household Dysfunction, and Indicators of Impaired Adult Worker Performance.
Robert F Anda, MD, MS; Vladimir I Fleisher, MD, PhD; Vincent J Felitti, MD, FACP; Valerie J Edwards, PhD; Charles L Whitfield, MD; Shanta R Dube, MPH; David F Williamson, MS, PhD
The ACE Study was used to assess the long-term effects of adverse childhood experiences on the workforce. This article explores the human and economic costs and the need to use less conventional approaches to assess root origins of problems in the workforce.
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Hemochromatosis Update
Vincent J Felitti, MD
Updating an article from 1999, this article presents information from a recent study in San Diego that offers new clinical information for physicians to integrate into their daily practice.
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Kaiser Permanente National Hand Hygiene Program
Sue Barnes, RN; Dana Barron, RN, BSN; Linda Becker RN, BSN, MPH; Teresa Canola, RN, BSN, CIC; Charles Salemi, MD, MPH
A description of the National Kaiser Permanente Hand Hygiene Program, its implementation, and successful results are presented.
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Corridor Consult
What To Do for the Patient with Minimally Elevated Creatinine Level?
Antoine C Abcar, MD; Larry Chan, MD; Hock Yeoh, MD
This article presents a typical clinical situation with minimally elevated serum creatinine and suggests a possible method of evaluation and treatment, including a simple formula for estimating glomerular filtration rate.
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Health Systems

A New Model for Adolescent Preventive Services
David M N Paperny, MD, FAAP
The Adolescent Preventive Services Program provides comprehensive screening and individualized health education for health-compromising behaviors and emotional problems in adolescents. This article describes the program and its benefits.
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Proceedings of the Fifth Annual Permanente Rheumatology Association Symposium, Sonoma, California, April 3-6, 2003.
Gerald Levy, MD, MBA; Stanford Shoor, MD
This article includes highlights from the Fifth Annual Rheumatology Association Symposium with a special focus on the shift in rheumatology practice from an organ-based approach to disease-based to understanding of immune modulators that underlie disease; this special knowledge will improve the care of patients who are not traditionally considered "rheumatology patients."
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Physician as Leaders
Physician as Healer, Leader and Partner: Tackling the Nursing Shortage
John H Cochran Jr, MD; Patricia K Fahy, MD; Jill C Bansek, MBA, MSHA
The CPMG program to leverage physician leadership to address the nursing shortage and the importance of this shortage to the health care team is described in this article.
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Physicians in the News

Physician News Roundup
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Medical Ethics

Stories Tell Us What We Need To Know: Perspective for Ethical Dilemmas
Tom Janisse, MD
A narrative approach to medicine can be useful as an ethics tool as well as improving diagnostic and communication competence. This article describes the relevance of narrative medicine, its uses, and applications.
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Community-Based Group Practice: Is the Grass Greener on This Side of the Fence?
Neil W Treister, MD, FACC
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The Beloved Community: From Civil Rights Dream to Public Health Imperative.
Jeffrey B Ritterman, MD
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Delivering Preventive Services in the New Millennium.
Eric M Blau, MD, FACP
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KP in the Community

PEACE SIGNS: A Sustainable Violence Prevention Collaboration Between Managed Care and School Health Programs.
John Fontanesi, PhD; Jill G Rybar, MPH; Neil Alex, MD; Howard Taras, MD; Vivian Reznik, MD
This article describes a successful interactive theater program developed in Southern California to address violent behavior in adolescents.
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Editorial Comments

Welcome, Nurses, to The Permanente Journal
Tom Janisse, MD, Editor-In-Chief
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Kaiser Permanente Institutes of Preventive Medicine
Vincent J Felitti, MD, Guest Editor
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Abstracts of articles authored or coauthored by Permanente clinicians
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Letters to the Editor

Letters from our readers
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Book Reviews

Crossing the BLVD: Strangers, Neighbors, and Aliens in a New America
Warren Lehrer and Judith Sloan
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Across the Red Line: Stories from the Surgical Life
Richard C Karl, MD
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Grow Younger, Live Longer: 10 Steps to Reverse Aging
Deepak Chopra, MD, and David Simon, MD
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Dry: A Memoir
Augusten Burroughs
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A General Theory of Love
Thomas Lewis, MD; Fari Amini, MD and Richard Lannon, MD
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Crossword Puzzle
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Soul of the Healer

"The Road to Portland"
Clifford Schumacker, PA-C

"Spring in New Mexico"
Clifford Schumacker, PA-C

"Lower Yosemite Falls in Snow"
Robert M Stone, MD

Giving Pain a Voice
Mary Shannon, MSW
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