Summer 2004 - Volume 8 Number 3

Clinical Contributions

Bariatric Surgery: A Brief Primer for Primary Care Physicians
Christina M Frichtel, DO
Using an illustrative case, this article presents a review of indications, expectations, preoperative care, postoperative care, complications, and highlights some issues relevant for primary care physicians.

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Managing E-mail Interactions with Patients: A Discussion with Clinicians in Evaluating the Personal Health Link Project
Carl A Serrato, PhD; Sally Retecki, MBA
With the impending rapid increase of clinician-patient e-mail communication, a group of primary physicians met to discuss their e-mail interactions with patients. This practical summary shares their insights, concerns and experiences.

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Routine Penicillin Skin Testing in Hospitalized Patients with a History of Penicillin Allergy
Eric Macy, MD; Linda B Roppe, RN, BSN; Michael Schatz, MD, MS
This study overview of the test results and consequent treatment decisions shows that skin testing is more reliable than clinical history and has substantial impact upon antibiotic prescription.

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Diabetes Care: New Clinical Guidelines and Leadership Council
R James Dudl, MD; Helen S Pettay, BA; Michelle Wong, MPH, MPP
This brief overview of the newly revised CMI diabetes guidelines includes a description of the newly formed Diabetes Leadership Council and its role in guiding diabetes-related work.

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Corridor Consult
What to do with the Patient with Chronic Cough? A Simple Approach to a Difficult Problem
Joseph R Shapiro, MD; Michael S Kaplan, MD
Chronic Cough is an often frustrating problem for the primary care physician. Through the use of a case study, this article presents a brief discussion of several common causes, their diagnosis and treatment.

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Health Systems

Next-Generation Cost-Sharing Products--The Concerns, The Experience, The Future Part 2: The Experience; Part 3: The Future
In these second and third parts of a three-part roundtable discussion, seven PMG physician leaders discuss the experience of next-generation products already implemented and where these products and this strategy will take KP in the next five to ten years.

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Taking the Time To Recognize Physicians
Barbara Caruso, BA
In this overview of different regions' recognition policies, three physicians discuss the importance and some methods of recognizing the work of physicians daily and at milestones.

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CPC Corner :
Physician As Patient--Lessons Learned from the Experience
Bennett Coplan, MD
When a bicycle accident put him on the other side of the clinician-patient relationship, Dr Coplan learned many things about being a patient. He shares his insights in this brief and honest story.

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Physicians as Leader:
Physician Leadership "Group Responsibility" as Key to Accountability in Medicine
FJ Crosson, MD; Allan Weiland, MD; Robert Berenson, MD
This excerpted chapter from Toward a 21st Century Health System, discusses what it means to be a physician-leader and the importance of that role in modern medicine.

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Alain Enthoven: An Outspoken Champion for the Prepaid Group Practice.
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Editorial Comments

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Truth In Advertising.
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Physicians in the News

Physician News Roundup.
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KP In the Community

Dr Hara Connects Residents With Community Clinics
Joan Jackson; John Edmiston
As the first recipient of the David M Lawrence, MD, Community Service Sabbatical Award, Dr Jimmy Hara will use his time to increase linkages between community clinics and KP residency programs. This overview of Dr Hara's work discusses his service and the award.

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Global Community Service: An SCPMG Physician Improves Lives 9000 Miles Away
Leslie Dodson
This article profiles a KP physician's commitment and contributions to the community that gave him the support and education he needed to become a physician.

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Permanente Abstracts

Abstracts of articles authored or coauthored by Permanente clinicians
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A Moment in Time

Founder and First President of the California Medical Association: The Great, Great Grandfather of a Permanente Physician!
J Harper Gaston, MD
This article gives a brief overview of the life of Dr Benjamin F Keene and the impact he and his descendants had on the California medical environment.

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Letters to the Editor

Letters from our readers
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Book Reviews

Dr David Sherer's Hospital Survival Guide: 100+ Ways to Make Your Hospital Stay Safe and Comfortable.
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The Biopsychosocial Approach: Past, Present, Future.
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The Citadel.
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Conn's Current Therapy, 2004.
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What I Learned in Medical School: Personal Stories of Young Doctors.
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The "Tools" of Medicine.
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Soul of the Healer

"Magic Flute" series
John E Fortune, MD

Wendy Ray, MPH

Utility Player on the Field of Life
Calvin L Weisberger, MD
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"Purple Lily"
Beverly Brott, MD

"Reflections of a Former Rider"
John E Fortune, MD

That Voodoo That You Do
Calvin L Weisberger, MD
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Roger Baxter, MD
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