Fall 2004 - Volume 8 Number 4

Clinical Contributions

The Role of Research in Integrated Health Care Systems: The HMO Research Network.
Thomas M Vogt, MD, MPH, FAHA; Jennifer Elston Lafata, PhD; Dennis D Tolsma, MPH; Sarah M Greene, MPH
This presentation describes the HMO Research Network, its unique ability to focus on improving health and health care delivery and gives an overview of some of the research being done by these groups.

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Initial Kaiser Permanente Southern California Experience Embracing the New Technology of Transcatheter Closure of Atrial Septal Defects.
Ronald M Rosengart, MD; Morris M Salem, MD; Timothy L Degner, MD; Samuel O Sapin, MD
This new procedure, which was made available to Southern California KP patients soon after FDA approval as a result of an individual physician's efforts, is described. Results are compared with the published results and benefits are analyzed.

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Corridor Consult
How Should We Screen Patients for Major Depression?
David Price, MD, FAAFP
The effectiveness of a straightforward, two-question screen for this common and frequently overlooked diagnosis is described.

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Heath Systems

Special Feature KP HealthConnect
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As the KP HealthConnect system is rolled out across the regions, the editors of The Permanente Journal gathered some of the significant picipants in the development of the electronic medical record (EMR) to share their thoughts, processes, insights, and learnings. This Special Feature delves into the history of the EMR at KP, the process for implementation throughout the regions, some valuable lessons on using the computer in the exam room and as a clinical tool, on the interface with the Clinical Library, and the potential to transform the medical encounter.


This is Getting Serious.
Andrew M Wiesenthal, MD
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The Promise
Reengineering Care with KP HealthConnect.
George C Halvorson
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KP HealthConnect: Fulfilling the Vision of KP's Founding Physician.
Tom Debley
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The Driving Vision: Pioneers of the EMR.
Morris Collen, MD; Allan T Khoury, MD, PhD; Peggy Latare, MD
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Entering the Decade of Health Information Technology.
Brian Raymond, MPH
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Adopting an Enterprise Health Care Automation and Information System: The Initial Implementation.
Peter DeVault
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The Reality of EMR Implementation: Lessons from the Field.
Homer L Chin, MD, MS
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Computers in the Exam Room--Friend or Foe?
Ward R Mann, MSN, FNP; Joanne Slaboch, MBA
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Making the Right Thing Easier to Do.
Paul Wallace, MD
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Population Care Information Systems (PCIS): Managing the Health of Populations with KP HealthConnect.
Joel Hyatt, MD; Warren Taylor, MD; Leslee Budge, MBA
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The Clinical Knowledge Management Process Behind KP HealthConnect.
Karen Woods; Melodi Licht, RN, MS; William Caplan, MD
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A Universe at Your Fingertips: The Clinical Library and KP HealthConnect.
Brad Hochhalter; Tom Stibolt, MD; Aaron Snyder, MD; David Levy, MD; Robert H Dolin, MD
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KP HealthConnect as a Transformational Tool.
Allan Weiland, MD
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Editorial Comments

Kaiser Permanente HealthConnect Crossing the Quality Chasm.
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Permanente Abstracts

Abstracts of Articles Authored or Coauthored by Permanente Physicians
Selected by Daphne Plaut, MLS, Librarian, Center for Health Research
10th Annual HMO Research Network Conference

Abstracts from the HMO Research Network
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KP in the Community

Permanente Physicians in the Combat Zone.
John Murray, MD; William Goldsmith, MD
Two Permanente physicians share their experiences in Iraq, Uzbekistan and Afghanistan and discuss how these experiences have changed their lives.

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Physicians in the News

Physician News Roundup.
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Letters to the Editor

Letters from our readers
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Book Reviews

Complications: A Surgeon's Notes on an Imperfect Science.
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Psychological Trauma and the Developing Brain: Neurologically Based Interventions for Troubled Children.
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Odysseus in America: Combat trauma and the trials of homecoming.
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The Great Influenza: The Epic Story of the Deadliest Plague in History.
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Soul of the Healer

Anna Marie Aguiar, PTA

"Parisian Street"
Jeffrey Brown, MD

Jeffrey Brown, MD

"Reflective Moments"
Anna Marie Aguiar, PTA

Recollections of Internship
J Richard Gaskill, MD
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The "Tools" of Medicine.
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