Summer 2003 - Volume 7 Number 3

Clinical Contributions

Corridor Consult

Clinical Overview: How Do I Treat the Adults I've Been Seeing with New Type 2 Diabetes?
Alan D Jacknow, MD
Using a case example, this article explores the options for the treatment and prevention of complications for this disease that is approaching epidemic levels in the Western world.

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Clinical Vignettes

A Diabetic Patient with Renal Disease and Heart Failure
David Price, MD, Editor
This vignette uses a hypothetical patient with multiple comorbid conditions as the basis for four physicians to outline an evidence-based treatment plan.

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Use of Acoustic Reflectometry for Home Monitoring of Otitis Media in a High-Risk Pediatric Population
Sally J Bryan Cullen, MD, FAAP; Ryan Darke, MHA
A randomized trial and the results of an at-home screening device for otitis media are described.

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Health Systems

A Focus on Obesity: A Pound of Prevention ... Is Worth a Ton of Cure
Scott M Gee, MD
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Obesity Research: Winning the Battle, Losing the War
Thomas M Vogt, MD, MPH; Victor J Stevens, PhD
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Stigma and Discrimination in Weight Management and Obesity
Kelly D Brownell, PhD; Rebecca Puhl
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Concepts and Controversies on Diet: Stop Recommending Low-Fat Diets!
Walter C Willett, MD, DrPH
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The National Weight Control Registry
James Hill, PhD; Rena Wing, PhD
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KP Regional Weight Management Programs
Trina Histon, PhD
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An Overview of the Care Management Institute's Weight Management and Obesity Initiative
William Caplan, MD; Trina Histon, PhD; Helen S Pettay, BA
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CPC Corner

The Letter of Condolence
Cecilia Runkle, PhD

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Doctors and Sympathy Cards
Mark Geliebter, MD
Perhaps one of the most difficult tasks for a physician is writing a condolence letter. The difficulties and rewards are explored and some guidelines are shared in this helpful article.

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Physicians as Leaders

Closing the Recruitment Loop
Debra Mipos, MPA
Using tried and true sales techniques can help in the interview process. This article offers techniques and tips used in successful recruitment.

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KP's New Man at the Helm: George Halvorson
Succeeding David Lawrence and bringing with him his years of experience with HealthPartners, George Halvorson became the Director of Kaiser Foundation Health Plan and Kaiser Foundation Hospitals in May 2002. He shares his vision with our editors.

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Weight Watchers® Comes to TSPMG -- A Permanente Physician's Personal Testimony
Laura Kale, MD
The TSPMG partnership with Weight Watchers® created the opportunity for this physician to share the insights she gained through her experience with Weight Watchers® and through this momentous occasion.

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External Affairs

HIPAA: What's True, What Isn't
Simon Cohn, MD; Robin Dea, MD; Ted Cooper, MD
The implementation of HIPAA has created many misconceptions within the medical community. This article clarifies and dispels many of these misconceptions.

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A Different Kind of Kaiser Reward
Linda Bine
In 2000, TPMG Board of Directors introduced a way to recognize facility-based physicians whose contributions have had regionwide impact. The 2003 honorees are noted in this article.

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Abstracts of articles authored or coauthored by Permanente clinicians
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Letters to the Editor

Letters from our readers
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Book Reviews

The Winter of Visions and Forgetting: A Novel of the Near Future
Jack Birnbaum, MD
Review by Scott Prussing, MS
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Beating the Odds: A Boyhood Under Nazi-Occupied France
George M Burnell, MD

Review by Vincent J Felitti, MD
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Lost in America: A Journey With My Father
Sherwin B Nuland, MD

Review by Vincent J Felitti, MD
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A Life in Medicine: A Literary Anthology
Robert Coles, MD, and Randy Testa, Editors

Review by Vincent J Felitti, MD
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Soul of the Healer

"Pierre-Auguste Renoir"
Mitchell Danesh, MD

"Garden #1"
Stan Eskin

To Alex at 3 a.m.
William Goldsmith, MD

William Goldsmith, MD

"Camille Pissarro"
Mitchell Danesh, MD

Anorexia: The Scream on the Other Side of Silence
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Pieces of the Past
Susan Kalaher
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