Summer 2002 - Volume 6 Number 3

Original Research

Can Some Clinicians Read Their Patients' Minds? Or Do They Just Really Like People? A Communication and Relationship Study
Tom Janisse, MD; Nancy Vuckovic, PhD
The Art of Medicine Survey is demonstrating the importance of clinician-patient communication. This article discusses the methodology and outcomes of the survey.

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A Clinical Information System Research Agenda for Kaiser Permanente, Part II
Dean F Sittig, PhD; Brian L Hazlehurst, PhD; Ted Palen, MD, PhD; John Hsu, MD; Holly Jimison, PhD; Mark C Hornbrook, PhD
In this second of two articles on the development of a research agenda for clinical information systems, the authors describe how a specific CIS research agenda was developed.

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Clinical Contributions

The Perioperative Medicine Service: An Innovative Practice at Kaiser Bellflower Medical Center
Marcus D Magallanes, MD
The KP Bellflower Medical Center created a highly successful perioperative medicine service. This article describes their approach and encourages others to explore this option.

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Exceeding Patients' Expectations for Culturally Competent Care
Kristene Cristobal, MS; Nilda Chong, MD, DrPH, MPH; Sue Tico, BA
Cultural backgrounds can impact health care. This is an introduction to the Culturally Competent Care Pocket Card developed by the Care Management Institute and the National Diversity Department.

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Corridor Consult: How Do We Care for Ourselves?
Edward C Wang, MD
This article points out the reasons why physicians are often unlikely to have healthy habits. An exhortation is made to pay more attention to lifestyle and health care habits.

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Abdominal Cutaneous Nerve Entrapment Syndrome (ACNES): A Commonly Overlooked Cause of Abdominal Pain
William V Applegate, MD, FABFP
This article describes and offers treatment options for an often-overlooked medical condition that should be considered whenever patients present with abdominal pain without other clinically significant symptoms.

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Clinical Vignettes:
Diabetes Mellitus

Jill Bowman, BS; R James Dudl, MD
Based on the Care Management Institute's Evidence-based Guidelines and Technical Review for the Management of Diabetes Mellitus, this article presents a case example highlighting the section devoted to cardiovascular disease.

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Health Systems

A Model for the Nation's Health Care Industry: Kaiser Permanente's Institute for Culturally Competent Care
Nilda Chong, MD, DrPh, MPH
Addressing the cultural needs of diverse populations stands at the forefront of many discussions in health care. In this article, the goals of the Institute for Culturally Competent Care are described.

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Ten Evidence-Based Practices for Successful Physician Retention
Hannah King, MPH; Carrie Speckart, MA
Acknowledging physician retention is critical to KP's success, this article describes efforts at improvement in various regions.

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Physicians as Leaders:
Are All Physicians Leaders?
The Opinions of Permanente Physician-Leaders
Debra Mipos, MPA
The inaugural article for this new section, [which will highlight leadership skills relevant to all physicians,] reports on a focus group of Permanente leaders responding to the question: "Are all physicians leaders?"

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CPC Corner :
Are Your Patients Taking What You Prescribe? A Major Determinant: Clinician-Patient Communication
Lee Jacobs, MD
Chances are that many patients will not follow your instructions. This overview describes the contributing factors to poor patient adherence and emphasizes clinician-patient communication to improve those results.

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Neuropsychology: Adaption for a Busy Pediatric Neurology Clinic in a Managed Care Setting
Peter F Carey, PhD; Richard J Konkol, MD, PhD
Availability of pediatric neuro-psychological testing, although often necessary, is limited. This article describes a protocol implemented to address these limitations and its success.

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Healing Through the Written Word
Karen Cangialosi, MA, MFA
Recent studies have shown the value of writing as a healing tool. This article highlights some of the research and the writing workshops offered by KP's Positive Choice Wellness Center in San Diego.

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Standards for Computerized Clinical Data: Current Efforts and Future Promise
Jonathan Y Lukoff, MD; Robert H Dolin, MD
Computerized clinical data and electronic health records are things of the present. This article explains some of the most important medical informatics terms and concepts in the context of clinical practice.

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The Permanente Journal
Fifth Anniversary Issue

Oliver Goldsmith, MD
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An Interview with Dr David Lawrence
Tom Janisse, MD; Lee Jacobs, MD
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Phillip M Brenes, MD
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Editorial Comments

A Voice of Permanente
Tom Janisse, MD, Editor-In-Chief
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Did You Know You Are A Leader?
Lee Jacobs, MD, Associate Editor
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External Affairs

Free Clinic Healing Los Angeles A Decade After Riots: Kaiser Permanente Pediatrician
Cofounds Muslim Clinic

Karla Pérez Villalta
In keeping with one of the five pillars of the Muslim faith and in response to the 1992 LA riots, eight Muslim medical students established the University Muslim Medical Association Free Clinic.

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Washington Update: No Ordinary Year
Steve Cole
This overview presents a concise report of health care-related events in Congress over the past year and describes some likely outcomes in the near future.

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Abstracts of articles authored or coauthored by Permanente clinicians
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Book Reviews

DiagnosisPro 5.0 CD-ROM
MedTech USA, Inc
Book review by Arnold N Singer, MD
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Handbook of Obesity Treatment, 3rd ed.
Thomas A Wadden and Albert J Stunkard, editors.
Book review by David Moiel, MD
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The Biggest Job We'll Ever Have: The Hyde School Program for Character-Based Education and Parenting
Laura and Malcolm Gauld.
Book review by T L Max McMillen
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Soul of the Healer

"A Monk Meditating on Sutra"
Masatoshi Yamanaka, MD

"Butterfly Wings and Tears"
Kitty Evers, MD

On Returning to Clinical Practice
John H Cochran, Jr, MD
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William Goldsmith, MD

Retire and Practice
Renate G Justin, MD
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"Liberty Park"
Kitty Evers, MD

I Need a Compass For Retirement
Ek Ursin, MD


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