Fall 2001 - Volume 5 Number 4

Original Research

Something in the Genes: Kaiser Permanente's Continuing Commitment to Research
Robert Aquinas McNally
Having come a long way from the research effort envisioned by Henry Kaiser and promised by Dr Sidney Garfield, the core values underlying their commitment keep research at the heart of Kaiser Permanente's mission.

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Clinical Contributions

Vagus Nerve Stimulation for Refractory Epilepsy
Sirichai Chayasirisobhon, MD; Spiridon Koulouris, MD; Elizabeth Parker, PhD; Ngoc Leu, R.EEG/EPT, CNIM; Bruce Enos, MD; Leslie Cahan, MD; Karen Earnest, PhD; Jane Hwang, MD; Kathleen Principe, BS, R.EEG/EPT, CNIM; Jeffrey S Schweitzer, MD
This report details the use of a new device for treatment of 24 carefully selected patients refractory to standard treatment. The results so far are highly encouraging.

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Evidence-Based Clinical Vignettes from the Care Management Institute: Asthma
Thomas Stibolt, MD; Feature editor: David Price, MD
Using a specific case history as a brief take-off point, this article discusses diagnosis, evaluation, treatment, follow-up and other aspects of asthma management in a very practical way.

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Medical Hypnosis: An Underutilized Treatment Approach
Brian Alman, PhD
This discussion of a therapeutic modality unfamiliar to most practitioners includes five examples of successful intervention. The discussion considers current understanding of mechanisms and selection of patients suitable for referral.

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Health Systems

CPC Corner: Clinician-Patient Communication: Its Big Impact on Health
Vivian Tong Nagy, PhD
Vivian Nagy presents a state-of-the-art article on clinician patient communication and the linkage to improving health outcomes--a cornerstone of Permanente Medicine.

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Life at EPRP--The Emergency Prospective Review Program
Kenneth J Berniker, MD
Dr Berniker's article showcases this program that focuses on the repatriation of members from non-KP institutions while maintaining the high quality of care that is the hallmark of Permanente.

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The Reality of Transplantation: Clinical and Operational Issues for Kaiser Permanente
Christy A Edwards; Deborah Maurer, RN, MBA(c), CPTC, CCRN
The authors discuss Kaiser Permanente's organ transplantation program and the challenge of providing high quality care to patients in an era when the demand for organ transplantation outweighs the available supply.

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Medical Ethics

Engendering Differences: Ethical Issues about Intersex
Kate Scannell, MD, Editor;
Commentary by Anne Fausto-Sterling, PhD
Ethics editor Kate Scannell, MD, looks at a new perspective on medical evaluation and management of intersex infants, with a case study. Expert Anne Fausto-Sterling, PhD, provides a case commentary.

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Editors' Comments

The Clinical Evolution of a New Technology to Best Practice: A Registry Concept
Tom Janisse, MD, Editor-In-Chief
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The Permanente Journal--Telling the Permanente Story
Lee Jacobs, MD, Associate Editor
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A Word From the Medical Directors

Research in Kaiser Permanente: A Historical Commitment and A Future Imperative
Robert Pearl , MD
The Executive Director of The Permanente Medical Group celebrates the importance of clinical research as a core value of Kaiser Permanente.

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External Affairs

Kaiser Permanente Medical Center Los Angeles Dedicates New Center for Medical Education
Denise Lenore, BA; M Rudolph Brody, MD
The dedication for the Los Angeles Medical Center's Center for Medical Education was celebrated and honored by local dignitaries and the keynote speaker US Surgeon General, David Satcher, MD. The Center for Medical Education is responsible for training 165 residents and fellows and CME for all physicians.

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KP Providers Touch Hearts and Souls Around the World
Ronnie Louis Chriss; Mari Edlin
An informal survey found that hundreds of Permanente clinicians volunteer to bring medical care and health services to populations in need around the world. We highlight just a few.

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Abstracts of articles authored or coauthored by Permanente clinicians
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A Moment in Time

Dr Morris Collen and the Ten Commandments--New Honors for a KP Trailblazer
Jon Stewart, Associate Editor
On the occasion of the latest prestigious award to this Permanente pioneer physician, we reprint his parting advice on medical group leadership.

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Letters to the Editor

Physician Leadership and Health Care Teams
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Handheld Computing Devices
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Book Reviews

Marcus Magallanes, MD
Review by Arnold N Singer, MD
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Handbook for Mortals: Guidance for People Facing Serious Illness
Joanne Lynn, MD, Joan Harrold, MD, and The Center to Improve Care of the Dying
Review by Richard D Della Penna, MD
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The Unexpected Legacy of Divorce: A Twenty-Five Year Landmark Study
Judith S Wallerstein, Julia M Lewis, and Sandra Blakeslee
Review by Dixie Lea, PhD

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Soul of the Healer

"Traffic Circle, Budapest"
Stu Levy, MD

"American Avocet"
Richard Mittleman, MD

"Black Skimmer"
Richard Mittleman, MD

William Goldsmith, MD

"Brown Pelican"
Richard Mittleman, MD

"Serene Lake"
Stan Eskin

Medical Errors Due to Patient Profiling
Renate G Justin, MD
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"Lesser Scaup"
Richard Mittleman, MD


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