Winter 1999 - Volume 3 Number 1

Clinical Contributions

Hemochromatosis: A Common, Rarely Diagnosed Disease
Vincent J. Felitti, MD
Commentary by David Baer, MD, FACP
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Kaiser Permanente Medicine 50 Years Ago: An Analysis of Acute Perforated Peptic Ulcers
Leo D. Nannini, MD
Commentary by Paul Smith, MD
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Incidence of Atopic Dermatitis and Eczema by Ethnic Group Seen Within a General Pediatric Practice
Robert B. Baker, MD, FAAP
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The Herbal Medicine Pharmacy: What Kaiser Permanente Providers Need to Know
Phillip J. Tuso, MD, FACP
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Health Systems

Outreach to Physicians With Problems: A Four-Year Experience
Robert A. Senft, MD; Kathryn Evers, MD; Robert J. Savery, MA, LMFT
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Raising the Bar for Quality
Sharon Conrow, DrPH; Rob Formanek, MD
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The Pain and Palliative Medicine Clinic: A Description of the Ohio Region's Pain and Palliative Medicine Program
Christopher Spevak, MD; Maryann Dzurec, PharmD; Ronald Copeland, MD, FACS
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Evidence-Based Education: Developing Kaiser Permanente Faculty For the New Millennium
Ferdy Massimino, MD, MPH; Tom Janisse, MD; Chris Overton; John Hurley, MD
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Permanente Medicine: The Path to a Sustainable Future
Francis J. Crosson, MD
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Editors' Comments

Tom Janisse, MD; Arthur Klatsky, MD; Lee Jacobs, MD; Scott Rasgon, MD
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External Affairs

Permanente--Fifty Years Ago?
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CME in an HMO: Fifty Years of Experience
M. Rudolph Brody, MD
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Kaiser Permanente's Public Image: Impact and Response
Scott Rasgon, MD, and panelists Ann Cahill, Susanne Coffey, Darrcy Loveland, Donald W. Parsons, MD, Jon Stewart, and Beverly Thomas
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Abstracts of articles authored or coauthored by Permanente clinicians
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Book Reviews

"Common Heroes: Facing a Life Threatening Illness,"
Eric Blau, MD

Review by Vincent J. Felitti, MD
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"The Intelligent Patient's Guide to the Doctor-Patient Relationship:
Learning How to Talk So Your Doctor Will Listen,"

Barbara M. Korsch, MD, and Caroline Harding
Review by Vincent J. Felitti, MD
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Soul of the Healer

Alexander Kleider, MD

The Sleep Thief
J. Trig Brown, MD, MPH

"Young girl handcuffs, springtime, and silver dollars"
Terry Laskiewicz


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